Our Staff

JCS Pine Valley Staff

Take a moment to meet some of the people who strive to inspire your children.


Samantha Nellis

Office Manager

Alanda Prochazka

TK-12 Home Study
Educational Facilitator

MiChelle Julian

Educational Facilitator

Victoria Perez

Education Facilitator

Elaine Lopez

Educational Facilitator

Julie Hogan

Educational Facilitator

Gretel Parks

6-12 Academy
High School Science

Cristina Milner

High School English

Danielle Jacobson

Middle and High School History

Nate Fry

Middle School English

Sami Stevens

Academic Counselor

Alexis Miranda

High School Instructional Aide

Teresa Burrows

Middle School Instructional Aide

Rebecca Sharp

Math (middle and high school)

Christine Kailing

504 Coordinator

Kristy Matthews

Resource Specialist

Diane Delleney